Happy Easter — take a look at what your prayers and gifts achieve!



Imagine driving to church this Easter Sunday on a road like the one in this video.

Tragically, what you’ve just witnessed is an everyday problem for men, women and children in the countries where we fly. However, a special Easter gift from you will change that for so many people.


Quite simply you have the power to enable an MAF aircraft to:

  • Make simple journeys possible when roads turn to liquid or killers stalk the highways

  • Provide an emergency service when people are in severe pain or food is in short supply

  • Return to communities — again and again — with spiritual leaders and health professionals who are received with open arms


MAF recently opened an airstrip at Fenteheik in Papua. This video shows how the community celebrated MAF landing for the very first time. (This is what special gifts do!)



Send us a special Easter gift this Holy Week, and we’ll make sure it’s used to speed an MAF aircraft to people who live in poverty – showing Christ’s eternal love to them through word and deed.


Happy Easter!



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