Go the ‘last mile’ with MAF

It is your compassion that makes it possible for MAF flights to shine a light in the darkness for isolated people.

In 2020, we asked MAF supporters to make a gift that would keep our fleet airborne. The video above shows how your prayers and gifts are doing just that in 2021!

Over the years, MAF aircraft have delivered so many different types of cargo to millions of people: Fresh water to remote communities in Liberia. Emergency food to starving babies in South Sudan. Gospel films to eager audiences in the jungles of Papua New Guinea.

Today, the essential physical need around the world is simple and universal: vaccination from coronavirus. The UK has led the way in starting this life-saving programme. You’ve probably received your first – maybe even your second – jab against the virus.

Across the world, most people have not.

In countries where the cost of vaccination is high, the health service is fractured, and the roads are terrible, hundreds of millions continue to await the life-saving medicine we all need if this worldwide battle is to be won.

But MAF can help change that. If you can make a gift today.

This year, as part of the COVAX worldwide inoculation programme, MAF has already flown vaccines in Kalimantan, Lesotho, and Madagascar. Watch the video above: see how we go the ‘last mile’ to deliver this precious new cargo.

And – if you’d like to make a donation towards our work – please do so below.

Thank you for helping to vaccinate the world.


Please use my gift to ensure MAF aircraft make life-changing deliveries.


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