What difference do you make?

‘Hello, my name is Blessing – the mother of Sangai. I just want to bless the Almighty God for the life of my daughter and for those who helped to save her life, because we were not expecting that we could reach this far.

And for those who brought us to the ELWA Hospital, I bless God for them; their care was really showing to us. Now I can see my daughter’s condition, I’m happy indeed.

And I’ve seen the love in Christ. I pray that the Lord will strengthen me to be in the presence of God, to serve Him for the rest of my life.’


Daily newspaper headlines can make for depressing reading. Television reports from around the world can be hard to watch. Some days, you can wonder whether your efforts in life make any difference whatsoever.

Fortunately, at MAF, we get to hear good news — like the quote above — every week. MAF Pilot Roy Rissanen recently sent details of an emergency flight in Liberia that saved the life of little Sangai (above):


‘On Friday afternoon at a remote village, I picked up a five-month-old girl called Sangai who was infected with a flesh-eating parasite. She was extremely ill.

Healthcare in the countryside is limited, so I flew Sangai and her mum immediately to the capital Monrovia. (The doctors in her village told me the baby would never survive ten hours on a road in the wet season… on the back of a motorbike.)

From the airfield, they were driven by MAF car to the ELWA — Eternal Love Winning Africa — mission hospital because an ambulance wasn’t available.

Margot Biggs, wife of my fellow pilot Steven, works at this hospital and is very happy to report that Sangai is in a good condition following a successful operation!’


Your prayers and gifts always result in stories such as the one you’ve just read. Your donations to MAF are indispensable, and we hope you feel able to make one today.

To hear what Blessing, and her very grateful uncle, want to say to everyone whose support saved her daughter’s life, just listen below.


Please make a gift today and help change the course of someone’s life tomorrow.

Thank you very much for being indispensable… for making all the difference.



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