Can it be possible?



‘Can it be possible to use a plane for evangelism?’

This was Elisha Moita’s incredulous question when the concept of MAF was first described to him, many decades ago. At first, it was an idea too miraculous for him to understand.

What Elisha did understand was his calling. ‘I really believe that God created me to become an evangelist,’ he says. Elisha began preaching in 1977 – the same year we established MAF Tanzania. He was just 16 years old.

The short video above tells Elisha’s story, including a recent interview with the man himself!

Forty-five years of prayers and gifts from MAF family members has led to thousands of Tanzanians turning to Christ. Please make a donation towards this glorious work.

Thank you for being part of Elisha’s incredible, ongoing story and helping MAF to fly God’s love to those who need to know Him.



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