‘I knew it was God protecting us’



This is the story of Kenneth Rwego and his family.

In 2014, before I knew about MAF, I was driving with my wife through the Democratic Republic of Congo and my two girls aged three and two, when we encountered rebels at a roadblock. They pulled me out of the car and dragged me into the bush.

My prayer was that they would kill me and not touch my family. They demanded I give them my phone and money, but then also told me to leave my wife with them. I pleaded and explained I was doing mission work, and to please leave my wife alone.

A large buffalo suddenly appeared and we were all scattered. It chased the rebel who had a gun. I knew it was God protecting us.

I ran towards my family in the car — terrified the buffalo was going to kill us — and drove off like a madman. I hit the rebel barricades across the road and kept going. After about 20 miles, I reached a small town. The car was a wreck, but we were safe.

Kenneth (above left) gave up a lucrative business career in 2011 to found Eden Mission (above right).

It’s motto is Healthy families glorifying God. It develops people through economic empowerment, spiritual development, discipleship training, marriage counselling, parenting classes and a maternal health programme.

Since 2011, more than 4,000 people in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have seen their lives transformed by Eden Mission. But driving through DRC eventually led to Kenneth and his family facing death from armed men – and an encounter with a buffalo.

So, for the past seven years, Kenneth has flown with MAF… 36 times.

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